Biggest Mall in Delhi, List of Top-10

Biggest Mall in Delhi, List of Top-10

  12 Jan 2024

Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India, is not only known for its rich history and cultural heritage but also for its modern and dynamic lifestyle. One prominent aspect of Delhi’s contemporary urban landscape is its impressive array of shopping malls. These mega complexes not only serve as retail hubs but also as social and recreational spaces. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 biggest malls in Delhi that have redefined the city’s shopping experience.

Delhi’s Largest Mall 2024

Select City Walk in Saket, New Delhi, stands out as the largest and most opulent mall in the city. Hosting esteemed foreign fashion brands like H&M, Dior, Chanel, and more, it’s a haven for the fashion-forward. Beyond being a mere shopping destination, it’s a place for shared experiences—whether it’s celebrating, dining, or creating lasting memories. With a plethora of in-house restaurants and a diverse food court, the mall caters to varied culinary tastes. The outdoor area hosts lively flea markets, events, and music shows regularly, enhancing the overall vibrant ambiance of this fashionable hotspot.

Key Facts Related to Biggest Mall in Delhi

Here are the key facts related to Select City Walk, the biggest mall in Delhi:

  • Select CITYWALK in Saket, New Delhi, opened on October 12, 2007, covering 3 million sq ft with 600,000 sq ft of retail space.
  • Developed by Select Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, the mall features 170 stores, 8 anchor tenants, and an outdoor plaza, Sanskriti, spanning 100,000 sq ft.
  • The mall, strategically located in Saket District Centre, is one of the first major shopping centers in South Delhi, near Malviya Nagar metro station.
  • Select CITYWALK includes a 10,000 sq ft multi-cuisine food court, specialty fine dining restaurants, and Delhi’s first IMAX theatre with six screens.
  • The mall houses PVR Cinemas multiplex, comprising 2 gold classes and a total seating capacity of 1,235.
  • Sanskriti, the outdoor plaza, offers space for art festivals, fairs, exhibitions, performances, and al fresco dining.
  • The plaza is landscaped extensively with timber, water, stone, and steel, featuring an open-air amphitheater and various water features.

Top-10 Biggest Malls in Delhi

Select Citywalk Mall, located in Saket, Pushp Vihar, Delhi, holds the title of the biggest mall in Delhi with an area of 13,00,000 square feet, followed by DLF Emporio Mall, DLF Promenade Mall and Pacific Mall.

Here is the list of top-10 biggest malls in Delhi:

Largest Malls in Delhi
Rank Malls Location Area (in sq. ft.)
1. Select Citywalk Mall Saket District Centre, Pushp Vihar, Delhi 13,00,000
2. DLF Emporio Mall Vasant Kunj, Delhi 8,70,000
3. DLF Promenade Mall Vasant Kunj, Delhi 4,60,000
4. Pacific Mall Tagore Garden, Delhi 4,50,000
5. Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj, Delhi 8,70,000
6. DLF Avenue Mall Saket, Delhi 4,00,000
7. Metro Walk Mall Rohini, Delhi 2,20,000
8. Ansal Plaza Mall Andrews Ganj, Delhi 1,50,000
9. City Square Mall Shivaji Place, Delhi 1,20,000
10. The Chanakya Mall Chanakyapuri, Delhi 1,00,000

Delhi’s Biggest Mall – Select Citywalk

Location: Saket District Centre, Pushp Vihar, Delhi

Area: 13,00,000 sq. feet

Opened: October 2007

No. of stores: 170

Select City Walk, Delhi’s largest mall, exudes opulence with renowned foreign brands like H&M, Dior, Chanel, and more. It transcends the typical shopping experience, inviting visitors to celebrate, dine, and create lasting memories. Beyond its chic in-house restaurants, the mall offers a diverse food court and an outdoor space hosting flea markets, events, and music shows regularly, making it a multifaceted destination for a vibrant and memorable experience.

Second Largest Mall in Delhi – DLF Emporio Mall

Biggest Mall in Delhi, List of Top-10_50.1

Location: Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Area: 8,70,000 sq. feet

Opened: August 2008

DLF Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj stands as Delhi’s second-largest mall, spanning an impressive 8.7 lakh square feet. Renowned for redefining luxury, it caters to connoisseurs of high-end fashion with brands like Dior, Jimmy Choo, and Burberry. Offering an exclusive shopping experience, the opulence extends to cinematic indulgence at the multiplex (PVR), delightful flavors at the food court, BluO bowling, and an exhilarating adventure on the ice skating rink (iSkate). It’s a haven for those seeking unparalleled sophistication and entertainment in Delhi.

Third Biggest Mall in Delhi – DLF Promenade Mall

Biggest Mall in Delhi, List of Top-10_60.1

Location: Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Area: 4,60,000 sq. feet

Opened: 2009

DLF Promenade Mall, the third-largest in Delhi, spans 4.6 lakh square feet and stands as a perfect complement to its luxurious neighbor, DLF Emporio Mall. Boasting popular brands like Marks & Spencer, Zara, and Chanel Beauty, the mall caters to diverse tastes in fashion, home decor, and beauty. With a vibrant ambiance, trendy atmosphere, a PVR multiplex, diverse food court, and a lively kids’ zone, DLF Promenade Mall is an ideal destination for fashion enthusiasts and families alike in South Delhi.

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