Destiny 2’s Season Of The Wish Isn’t Over; New Story, Moments Of Triumph Coming This Month

Destiny 2’s Season Of The Wish Isn’t Over; New Story, Moments Of Triumph Coming This Month

  19 Jan 2024

Destiny 2’s current content season, the Season of the Wish, isn’t quite done with its story. Despite seeming to wrap up its narrative last week, according to developer Bungie, there’s more to come at the end of January.

Bungie dropped a few hints about what we can expect from the ongoing Season of the Wish in its weekly This Week In Destiny blog post. The details, as always, are a little thin, but Bungie said explicitly that the story for the season is not yet done. More story content is coming “sooner than you think,” according to the post. That’s following last week’s story beat, which seemed to conclude the weekly missions and story content advancing the game’s seasonal narrative.

Players will also get a new twist on the season’s activities starting on January 30. In addition to the bounties you can complete in the Riven’s Lair and The Coil activities, Bungie says it’s adding Riven’s Wishes, a new weekly pursuit, to your options. Complete the week’s objectives and you’ll get to choose your reward from a loot pool. There will be a new pursuit each week for six weeks, taking players all the way into March.

Also launching on January 30 is Moments of Triumph, Destiny 2’s annual lookback at players’ greatest achievements through the last year. That’ll include 30 challenges spanning all the activities of 2023, so expect to revisit dungeons, raids, and seasonal activities. Doing so will earn you new Triumph rewards, which usually include glowing, customizable armor, as well as some real-world Bungie rewards you’ll be able to purchase.

With the delay of Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Final Shape, from February to June 4, the Season of the Wish has been stretched into the game’s longest, which has the potential to leave a lot of downtime as players wait for new content to hit the game. Bungie previously announced it had plans to keep the community engaged with Into The Light, a “two-month content update” scheduled to drop in April.

Still, things are in a major lull for Destiny 2 at the moment. The Season of the Wish had an interesting story, but the game currently feels like it lacks the stakes that should be building as it nears the conclusion of its 10-year story arc. With The Final Shape still far in the future, Bungie may have a tough time keeping players engaged over the next four months.

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