Fake Experts Abound. Here’s How to Find a Real One.

Fake Experts Abound. Here’s How to Find a Real One.

  14 Jan 2024

There are two types of experts in the world: real experts, and fake ones.

The real experts are the people who spend many years refining their knowledge and skill set in a particular area and becoming masters of pattern recognition.

But all too often, they end up toiling away in relative obscurity and poverty, neither maximising their opportunity for impact nor earning the money they deserve.

This makes me sad.

Real experts deserve so much more, and they could make so much more of a difference in the world if they could just figure out how to be heard above the clamour of …

Fake experts

This group makes me mad.

You know the type.

These are people, as the writer Sean Blanda put it in describing certain other writers, whose “interest is not in making the reader’s life any better, it is in building their own profile as some kind of influencer or thought leader.”

Your inbox is probably full of fake experts and their garbage.

They are people like the speaker I heard at a conference who claimed that all you had to do to be an expert was raise your hand.

That’s not expertise.

It’s snake oil.

Both of these groups share one problem:

They misunderstand the business of expertise.

One group undervalues real knowledge; the other group overvalues fake knowledge. 

I didn’t realize that there was a way to fix this problem.

In fact, I didn’t even know exactly what the problem was until I read David Baker’s new book, “The Business of Expertise.”

What’s so compelling about Mr Baker is that he’s an expert on being an expert.

And because he is so knowledgeable about what true expertise entails, he is able to help both real and fake experts alike.

If you’re a fake expert, this book will teach you how to become a real expert (assuming you actually care about that). And if you’re a real expert, this book is a road map to converting your insight into greater impact and financial security.

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