10 Actionable Steps To Increase Tinder Matches

10 Actionable Steps To Increase Tinder Matches

  11 Jan 2024

So you want to learn how to get matches on Tinder. Looking for the love of your life, but you end up getting ghosted? These numbers should help but they don’t: There are over 1.6 billion right swipes every day on Tinder. And a recent study showed that 95% of users meet their match within a week.

Clearly, the numbers game doesn’t favor everyone. It’s all about making that crucial first impression because the users who view your profile can only judge you based on your pictures and bio section. In this article, we’ll explore 10 actionable steps to help you create a great Tinder profile, ensuring you get those coveted right swipes and increase your chances of finding your perfect match.

Whether you’re new to the app or a seasoned user, these strategies will help you stand out in the competitive dating scene. Let’s boost your dating success and turn that last swipe into a memorable first date.

Why I Don’t Get Matches On Tinder

Have you ever wondered how to get matches on Tinder amidst its MILLIONS of users? Let’s face it, in the world of online dating, everyone’s looking for more matches on Tinder. But it’s not as simple as it once was. With limited daily likes, fierce competition, and that mysterious Tinder algorithm called Elo, finding your way to success can be a real puzzle.

So, if you’re wondering how to up your matching game, you’re in the right place. This article is your guide to cracking the Tinder code and getting those matches you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Limited likes, limitless potential

Let’s start by addressing the issue of restricted likes. Unless you’re a subscriber to a premium plan like Tinder Platinum, your daily allowance of right swipes hovers between 50–100, contingent on your location and age. This numerical restriction, combined with the natural rhythms of user behavior, creates a challenge that we’re here to overcome.

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2. The shifting landscape makes it harder to find a match

Securing a Tinder match only took a matter of days in 2015. The landscape has transformed significantly since then. Competition is fiercer than ever before. When discussing the average Tinder matches for a girl, note that women receive up to a whopping 100 messages per day. The dating game has become an even tougher playing field, necessitating a unique approach.

3. Cracking the Tinder algorithm is not for everyone

To understand how to get more matches on Tinder, we must decode the platform’s algorithm known as Elo. While Tinder isn’t entirely transparent about its inner workings, it’s clear that your swiping habits heavily influence your queue position. If you want to get dates on Tinder, remember that each Tinder profile is assigned a ‘score,’ and swiping right on low-quality profiles (those lacking a photo or a compelling bio) signals that your standards are not stringent, diminishing your profile’s visibility.

You have to crack the Tinder algorithm to get more matches

4. Shadow bans and inappropriate behavior

Some users attempt to refresh their Tinder presence by frequently deleting and recreating their accounts. While this tactic may offer a temporary boost, overusing it can lead to a shadow ban, rendering your profile invisible to other users and even triggering Tinder to flag your account for “inappropriate behavior.”

And there are those who actually do indulge in inappropriate behavior, like being straight-up creepy and crossing lines. We don’t have any practical tips for you in that case unless you follow some basic Tinder etiquette.

5. Age and location settings restrict your chances too

If you’ve confined your location settings to just a mile or two, your potential pool of matches is severely constrained. Expanding your radius to 10–20 miles can introduce you to more people who may align with your interests and preferences. Similarly, the age range you specify can either widen or restrict the pool of profiles that Tinder can connect you with.

As we delve deeper into this article, we’ll explore additional facets, including crafting a good Tinder profile and the delicate balance between swipes and selection. By navigating these nuances and unraveling the mysteries of the Tinder platform, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing those coveted matches. In the digital dating arena, success comes to those who master the art of understanding and optimizing the platform’s features.

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How To Get More Matches On Tinder?

Tinder has emerged as the go-to dating app for the Gen-Z crowd. The thrill of being right-swiped by a stranger, the buzz of a new match, and the endless possibilities each swipe presents is unparalleled. And yes, many people do attract a swarm of matches — And others barely get a few.

Whether you’re the average-looking guy or the next-door gal, or the attractive person that everyone wants to date, the secret lies in mastering the Tinder algorithm and leveraging it to your advantage. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how to flirt on Tinder and get more matches, with or without spending extra bucks.

Infographic on: Easy ways to get more matches on Tinder
10 easy ways to get more matches on Tinder

1. Showcase your hobbies and passions

Unlocking more matches on Tinder doesn’t have to come with a price tag. Learn the art of a great Tinder profile to boost your game and secure right swipes. If you’re tired of seeing the sad number of average Tinder matches for a guy, you need to craft a potent bio. Highlighting your passions might ensure you’re the one consistently right-swiped by women.

No need for premium features; it’s about creating an enticing idea that sparks a genuine sense of connection. Even if you get very few matches, you can make every match a true connection. It’s time to make your mark without spending a dime.

  • Choosing the right profile picture is important. So, pick one where you’re indulging in hobbies. This is not only relatable but also serves as an easy ice-breaker
  • Use candid shots taken during adventures to show that you lead an interesting life, making you more attractive to potential matches
  • If you have a pet, flaunt them! It’s an easy way to get right-swiped

2. To get matches on Tinder without paying, craft an engaging bio

Crafting a stellar Tinder profile doesn’t mean emptying your pockets for gold memberships. You can get more people to chat with without paying for Tinder Gold. We’ll help you level up your Tinder game with a bio that goes beyond clichés. Pose funny Tinder questions or drop intriguing statements that beckon potential matches to make that all-important first move.

Spending money on dates is a great idea, but not to reach out to a potential match. So invest time in creating a good Tinder profile. In this dating app jungle, the right swipe hinges on a solid profile that navigates the Tinder algorithm with finesse. Here’s how you turn that last swipe into the beginning of something exciting:

  • Sharing quirky or memorable snippets from your life makes your bio more engaging and relatable
  • Infusing humor can make your bio stand out from the sea of generic ones
  • Questions or interesting statements can nudge potential matches to initiate a conversation and get you right-swiped

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3. Group photos: Dos and don’ts

So what makes a profile icon swipe-right material? If you come across an account that has a shadow as their profile picture, you’ll undoubtedly swipe left, right? It all begins with that first pic, of course, that shapes the initial impression. Crafting the perfect Tinder profile is an art, and one misstep often involves a common culprit: The dreaded group photo.

Sure, showcasing your vibrant social life is essential for extroverts who are seeking extroverts, but an excessive collage can make potential matches play a frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo.” Learn the algorithm: Choose the perfect first picture. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words — Just make sure they’re saying the right ones.

  • Don’t flood your Tinder profile with too many group photos if you don’t want to get ghosted in online dating. Make sure there’s a good balance so potential matches can spot you easily
  • Go for good quality photos that hint at your crazy social life
  • Avoid exes and crop them. Any whiff of past relationships can prevent that right swipe from happening
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4. Prompt replies and active conversations keep Elo and your matches happy

Getting more matches is not just about killer pictures and ensuring you put in your basic information — Prompt replies are game-changers. Nail that first impression by being quick on the chat because it shows you have genuine feelings. To get their phone numbers, you first need to start an active conversation with them. This is how the Tinder algorithm works to boost your current matches:

  • Don’t give one-word replies. Ask open-ended questions. This deepens the conversation and helps both of you know each other better
  • Remember little details. Showing that you remember previous conversations can lead to more meaningful connections
  • Engaging with people on Tinder increases your Elo score. If you aren’t active on the app, your Elo rank will significantly decrease and not only will you get less matches but you will also have limited access to other users

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5. Utilize the Super Like feature

The number of average Tinder matches for a guy is way lower than what a girl gets, we all know that. So, for our male readers, we suggest using the elusive blue star icon, a.k.a the Super Like. It helps you stand out by expressing your sure interest in prospective matches.

Different apps have different features. And Tinder offers several premium features, in which the Super Like is insanely great.

  • Super Likes can make someone feel special. Use them wisely! Use them on profiles that genuinely align with your interests
  • Personalize your Super Like with a small note, making it more effective

6. Verify your profile to get more Tinder likes for free

Rev up your account by getting verified. It shows you are a real person who is looking for genuine connections among so many regular users. How to get verified? Simple. Link your Tinder to Facebook or complete the verification process with an ID, and a selfie. The checkmark on your profile will increase your chances of meaningful connections while enjoying the perks of being a Tinder VIP.

  • Verified accounts also snag a prime spot in Tinder’s ‘Top Picks,’ ensuring more eyes on your profile
  • Fortify your account against bans by showcasing your genuine self. A verified badge can increase your matches on Tinder as it boosts credibility

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7. Be super selective

In the crazy world of online dating, it’s all about being picky. Our advice: Be super selective. Don’t waste time on the meh profiles. Only swipe right on the ones that make you go, “Yeah, this could be it.” This will boost your match rate.

So don’t just throw your swipes around; make each one count. You’ve got the power to choose, so choose wisely. Ready to play smart and score those matches? Here’s what you should do:

  • Activate premium features. Amp up your game with exclusive perks to date online successfully and find your ideal partner
  • Set maximum distance wisely. Keep things real by adjusting your Tinder settings – This is to get more matches in your proximity
  • Even with unlimited likes, stay picky. Swipe right on potential matches that truly catch your eye
trick to getting matches on Tinder
Being selective with right swiping is important to find good matches on Tinder

8. Traveling can score you a date online

Did you know that traveling can help you connect with more people and score those killer matches. Each new city you hit gives your profile a boost, making you stand out in the crowd. Upgrade your Tinder game easily while doing something most people love. Beware, as fake travels and passport antics might backfire and put a dent on your Tinder score.

  • Travel to a new city, unlock a boost, and up your chances of meeting attractive people
  • Avoid the fake travel trap – Misusing passports could play spoilsport with your Tinder success
  • Dive into exclusive features with Tinder Platinum, making your profile a magnet for those attractive matches

9. Adding music to your profile is a neat trick to getting matches on Tinder

Your Spotify anthem isn’t just a song; it’s a conversation starter, a glimpse into your vibe. Don’t underestimate the playlist power. Share your jam, find common ground.

  • Sync up by adding your fav song to your Spotify anthem
  • According to Tinder data, “40% of 18–25-year-olds have an anthem attached to their profile and 10% see a boost in matches as a result.”

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10. Be patient and stay positive

Feeling a bit frustrated with your current Tinder match count? Don’t be hard on yourself. Comparing yourself to other users or stressing out won’t magically boost your profile. It takes time, care, and a sprinkle of positivity. Remember, your journey on these dating apps is about quality, not just quantity. So, focus on meaningful conversations over getting many matches.

  • Trust the process. You can’t expect to fall in love with someone online within twenty mintues of joining the app. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a robust Tinder match list
  • Sprinkle your profile with authenticity; genuine vibes attract the right matches
  • Take your time to fine-tune your Tinder settings to get more matches

Key Pointers

  • Your Tinder profile is the initial impression you make on potential matches. With users basing their judgments on your photos and bio, it’s essential to curate them both carefully in order to stand out
  • Tinder’s mysterious algorithm, Elo, heavily considers your swiping habits. Consistently swiping right, especially on low-quality accounts, can negatively impact your visibility on the app
  • The number of average Tinder matches for a girl is much higher than what a guy gets, so it’s important for men to create more engaging profiles
  • Highlight genuine interests and hobbies with relatable photos, such as adventure shots or pictures with pets. An engaging bio with humor or unique snippets about your life can make a difference
  • One trick to getting matches on Tinder is to optimize your location and discovery settings to cater to a broader or more targeted audience as per your preference
  • Instead of merely seeking numerous matches, aim for deeper and respectful connections. Maintaining a positive outlook can increase your chances of finding that perfect match

Navigating the world of Tinder and understanding how to get matches on this platform doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. With the right tweaks, understanding of the Tinder algorithm, and genuine interactions, you can significantly boost your matches without resorting to Tinder Platinum or Tinder Boost. So, swipe smart, and remember these strategies to get more Tinder likes for free and to find those intimate connections you’re looking for.


1. How many Tinder swipes per day does one get?

The number of Tinder swipes you get in a day can vary, and it’s influenced by several factors. While the exact workings of Tinder’s algorithm aren’t fully disclosed, it’s believed that elements like your age, location, and gender can impact your daily swipe limit. In some cases, users might receive as few as 25 right swipes in a 12-hour period. After reaching this limit, you’ll need to wait for another 12 hours to get more swipes. Keep in mind that these limits are not set in stone and can change based on various factors.

2. Is the Tinder algorithm random?

The Tinder algorithm is not entirely random, but it’s not entirely transparent either. Tinder uses a complex algorithm to determine which profiles are shown to users. The algorithm considers a range of factors such as user activity, location, interests, and profile information to provide users with potential matches. It is designed to offer relevant profiles to users based on their preferences and behavior on the app. It’s not purely random, as it aims to provide a better user experience by showcasing profiles that are more likely to be of interest. The algorithm continually evolves to improve the user experience.

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