Are You Conventionally Attractive? 13 Key Indicators to Look For

Are You Conventionally Attractive? 13 Key Indicators to Look For

  30 Dec 2023

Who defines this ‘convention’, though? That’s what I always end up asking myself, and others. This is what my research tells me: ‘Conventionally attractive’ is a term for defining someone’s appearance that is a sum total of physical features. Being traditionally attractive is based on your ethnicity and background as well as the standards of the culture and society you belong to. So if your appearance follows the cultural or universal concepts of attractiveness, you’re entitled to the label of ‘conventionally attractive.’

But according to a Medium article, “Eurocentric beauty standards have created a narrow definition of beauty [which] has led to discrimination against people with non-European features and has created an environment where people feel pressure to conform to these standards.” Let’s talk about what these standards are and why some folks are considered more attractive than others.

Who Is Considered Conventionally Attractive?

Many factors contribute to the answer. For instance, a man with a decent height, a toned body, and a solid jawline is alluring. For a woman to be considered attractive, she must have so-called feminine features like a back curve, button/slender nose, and an hourglass figure. Conventional attractiveness is also defined by the classic beauty, Audrey Hepburn. But from slender hips to a Kardashian butt, beauty definitions have a way of evolving.

The definition of conventionally attractive people may vary from place to place considering ethnicity, race, culture, and geographical aspects, and is extremely difficult to track or take seriously. But some celebrities have long been the accepted prototypes of beauty like Anne Hathaway, Marilyn Monroe, Chris Hemsworth, Cary Grant, and many more. Before we go further, a gentle reminder: Letting objective characteristics get in the way of your self-esteem is an injustice to yourself.

The goal is embracing individuality and attractiveness that’s diverse, while reminding you that unconventional beauty is just as in. Think Tilda Swinton with her lovely, androgynous looks or Whoopi Goldberg with her golden on-screen presence or Jim Carrey with the insane talent and the widest laughter. Let’s cover some unfair and conventional beauty standards like symmetrical facial features, fit body proportions, height, and even your sleep schedule!

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Key Signs You Are Conventionally Attractive

Being ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’ are two entirely independent ideologies. The former means the radiance of your soul while the latter refers to how desirable others deem you. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a true definition of conventionally attractive people, as the beholder, too, follows the age-old societal norms.

An extremely attractive person is an embodiment of a near-perfect biological quality, physical health, and a desirable personality. This concept of classic beauty has an impactful role in an individual’s self-esteem and charisma. Let’s analyze the 13 aspects that are associated with signs you are conventionally attractive:

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1. Your attractiveness score matches the Golden Ratio

The perception of human attraction is naturally inclined to facial symmetry. The balance of specific features on your face determines how fascinating you are to the typical human eye. Research shows that the harmonious alignment of facial symmetry corresponds to good genes, and our brain deduces the symmetrical balance as a key element of beauty.

There is a mathematical ratio, the magical number 1.618, explaining how a perfect face should look. It resembles the phi mark. Symmetrical-faced celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Zendaya are living examples of how the magic number is analogous to what conventionally attractive means.

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2. A toned body type is one of the traits of conventionally attractive people

A pronounced back-to-buttock curve is considered the ideal standard of a conventionally attractive body in women. Men need to have good health and a well-defined torso, essentially V-shaped.

  • The general idea is the generous distribution of muscles and mass that makes one’s personality appealing
  • The pronounced curves and ridges of your body are the indicators of an even silhouette which people find attractive

However, every single body type is unique and beautiful in its own way. The attractiveness meter might mess with your insecurities in relationships and in life but embracing individuality and attractiveness in any shape, size, skin tone, and form should become your reflex eventually.

Are you conventionally attractive? Find out!

3. Clear skin and fairness are signs of classic beauty

“The notion that lighter skin is more desirable than darker skin among Black Americans stems from white Americans’ historical belief that Black Americans with white ancestry were more capable of being civilized than Africans who lacked white heritage,” says writer Lori Tharps, author of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America.

Looking for signs you are attractive? Well, the amount of importance given to skincare nowadays directly emphasizes the universal allure for certain conventional beauty standards like:

  • Natural glow and flushed skin
  • A perfect body having zero scars, marks, or acne
  • Along with good skin type, preference is given to a flawless face type according to various cultures
  • An oval and youthful face
  • Fair or light skin

4. Nothing is superior to a pleasant smile

Facial attractiveness accompanied by a warm and mesmerizing smile is a deadly combination. A smile is sometimes an indicator of beauty despite barriers such as culture, geography, or race. Pouty and full lips, symmetrical teeth formation, and the genuineness of your smile also count. Many symmetrical-faced celebrities possess an enchanting smile, like Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

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5. You feel attractive and are internally assured of yourself

One of the psychological effects of being conventionally attractive is the boost in self-esteem. But it works vice-versa too. Being confident in your own skin makes you attractive. Being likable starts within yourself sometimes. The day someone conquers their mind and indulges more in self-love and self-care is the day they take a step toward being conventionally attractive.

6. People tend to like you if you are outgoing and well-groomed

The enigmatic charm blended with confidence is the secret of irresistible attractiveness. Conventionally attractive people often find it easy to fit in in any group because of a charismatic personality. Finding dates and potential partners, for them, is a cakewalk.

One of the signs you’re conventionally attractive is the way you groom yourself. A study found that being well-groomed was significantly and positively related to agreeableness, extraversion, and attractiveness. The worldwide acceptance of beauty holds a tidy-looking, smart, and civil appearance as its integral part. People who maintain good hygiene, spend time and effort in clothing and hairstyling, and adhere to a style statement fit perfectly in the archetype of conventionally attractive people.

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7. You possess a euphonic voice

An understated element of attractiveness is the vocal quality that someone is gifted with. It’s one of the things that attract a woman to a man instantly or vice versa. A firm, positive, and warm voice signifies poise. This particular trait is void of eye judgment and is solely based on the tone of interactions and how beautifully someone’s voice melts in the ears.

  • A calm, ‘feminine’ voice that is subtly persuasive is an ideally enticing voice type for a woman. This notion of a small, feminine voice makes trans women and some cis women unappealing. It’s important to unlearn this idea
  • Men who have a deeper and huskier tone are perceived as more likable too. But trans men and even cis men suffer isolation because of their voice sometimes, a feature they have no control over

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8. Patriarchal beauty norms decide who is conventionally attractive

Sonya Renee Taylor says it perfectly in The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love: “Our beliefs about bodies disproportionately impact those whose race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age deviate from our default notions.” Here are the factors that hamper attractiveness in our society:

  • Sexism: Women are expected to uphold stringent and illogical norms of beauty
  • Classism: We are more attracted to affluence than to someone without the basic means
  • Casteism: While oppressed castes are often hypersexualized, they are also seen with disgust
  • Racism:  A study showed that the internalization of racial beauty standards begins in childhood and has a significant impact on the self-perception and self-worth of black girls and women throughout life
  • Ableism: Disabled people are sometimes seen as ‘too much’ or ‘weird’ or ‘ugly’ or ‘misfits’
  • Queerphobia: Visibly queer and trans people are casually or brutally scrutinized and made fun of. Sometimes this queerphobia comes from inside the house let alone the rest of the world
  • Fatphobia: Fat people are looked down upon regularly, whether at workplace or on dating apps
  • Ageism: As per a study, “People often discover they’re treated differently in older age. They might be dismissed or assumed to be incompetent.”

9. You smell of attraction

Among the various sensory perceptions, one prominent sense is smell. The way people smell and sound has a huge impact on attracting others. As per the science of smell, if somebody’s natural aroma is pleasant, be it by the blessings of genes or by a high-end perfume, they attract more attention.

Pheromones incite physical desire and trigger some very strong attractive forces even if you don’t realize it. At the same time, people of color are sometimes deemed inaccurately smelly due to racism. This also affects the way they are perceived and included in society.

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10. Healthy hair and constant stares are conventional beauty standards

People perceived as attractive find many gazes stuck on them. The attention is equivalent to the measure of how conventionally attractive somebody is. The effort to look appealing and radiant is minimal while the recognition is above average.

Also, across various cultures, healthy hair is an important eye-catching feature when considering beauty. The hair attributes for attractive people might differ — For instance, it’s curly/wavy and dark hair in Black and brown cultures, while it’s blonde and straight hair in Western culture.

Traits of conventionally attractive people
Lustrous hair is a sign of conventional beauty

11. Opportunities walk your way

People tend to prioritize good-looking individuals over someone who’s considered average-looking. As per Forbes, “Highly symmetrical faces are not only seen as attractive, but also positive indicators of health and personality traits of a high-value man or woman such as sociability, intelligence, liveliness, self-confidence, and mental health.”

  • The chances you get because of your looks may include earning more money and undivided attention from people who have a crush on you. A study shows that attractive individuals are more likely to be hired, promoted, and receive higher salaries
  • If you find yourself surrounded by admirers, people are polite toward you, and you are presumed trustworthy by strangers, then there are high chances that you are externally attractive to them

12. You have composed communication skills and active listening

The ability to start fruitful conversations and get involved in social discussions is an overlooked sign of a conventionally attractive person. They have a powerful body language with a blend of positive attitude.

Another trait of conventionally attractive beings is the art of actively listening to others. The respect and genuine attention they receive from another person is reciprocated fully, making the listener an epicenter of attractiveness.

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13. You’re considered an attractive person if you have a proper sleep schedule

Researchers have found that sleepy-looking people are seen as less attractive and less healthy. This perception increased their likelihood of being avoided by others. A great reason to get sound sleep every night! If you are on a quest to find ways to be more attractive to others, incorporating this habit can be a good starting point.

People who pay proper attention to their sleep-wake cycle are often more lively, radiant, and positive. Beauty sleep certainly has its perks. Inner health is reflected in our outer appearance, so the more well-rested and happy-spirited our mind is, the more appealing our body will appear. Dark circles, low energy, irritable behavior, and more such issues related to poor sleeping patterns make a person the exact opposite of attractive.

Key Pointers

  • Conventional attractiveness is a mix of the traditional, classic beauty standards that are prevalent in a specific culture combined with universal definitions of beauty
  • A man with a decent height, a toned body, and a solid jawline, or a woman with a buttock curve, luscious lips, and an hourglass figure are perceived as beautiful
  • Facial symmetry contributes to this perception too
  • All beauty standards are biased toward white culture and many of these prototypes are bigoted or unreasonable

So, now you know the distinct characteristics of a conventionally attractive person. However, try to keep in mind that these trends keep evolving. To cope with the blinding dazzle of perfectionism is impossible and will only end up intimidating you.

The rise of cosmetic surgeries is an alarming impact of traditional beauty standards on the youth. Abiding by the hard-and-fast rule of classic beauty might eventually make the entire human race look a certain way, destroying the beauty of individuality and distinction.

Thus, it is necessary to understand both types of attractiveness, the conventional and the unconventional. While the former is aligned with the worldwide-accepted patterns, the latter celebrates distinctiveness and compassion. Moreover, ‘attractiveness’ is a tapestry woven with ever-evolving traits, hygiene, and a gracious personality. Being conventionally attractive is a privilege, and being unconventionally attractive is just as exceptional.


1. What is the difference between conventionally attractive and unconventionally attractive?

There is beauty and attractiveness in every individual; all one needs is the right admirer. The main contrast between the two is inclusivity. While conventionally attractive describes the pre-set standard notion of beauty widely accepted and celebrated, unconventionally attractive focuses on the subjective aspects of beauty. A good physique, plum lips, and a scar-free face are the identity markers of a conventionally attractive human being. On the other hand, someone might find your crooked teeth beautiful and your chubby tummy cute; that makes you attractive to that person’s eyes unconventionally, even though these things are completely normal anyway.

2. Is being conventionally attractive a good thing? 

Yes, being conventionally attractive is a great thing in most spheres of life. The perks are countless, starting from romantic or sexual attention, upper hand at workplaces, constantly reminded of your charisma, and less trouble in adjusting with strangers. Plus, there are plenty of psychological effects of being conventionally attractive that aid in building a person’s disposition. But surely, every good thing comes at a price and being traditionally attractive does have some drawbacks too, like not being taken seriously for your mind.

3. Why are some people born beautiful?

One of the significant attributes that makes someone beautiful is genetic composition. Apart from genotypes and phenotypes, lifestyle and grooming can also help in making you look gorgeous. Certain physical as well as hormonal traits are likely to affect the outer impression of a person. Honestly speaking, genes and hormones are way beyond our control and cannot be regulated to change one’s facial and physical features. But grooming, dressing, and styling are surely the external forces of attractiveness.

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