Baldur’s Gate 3 Wins Game Of The Year At The Steam Awards

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wins Game Of The Year At The Steam Awards

  03 Jan 2024

Valve announced its winners for the 2023 Steam Awards, which are determined by Steam users. Games such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy, and Starfield have all walked away with accolades.

For the biggest category, Baldur’s Gate 3 snagged another Game of the Year award, beating out games such as Resident Evil 4, Lethal Company, and Hogwarts Legacy. What’s especially notable about this is that it is yet another Game of the Year Larian Studios managed to secure. During The Game Awards, it won the same award, and it was also GameSpot’s 2023 Game of the Year.

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Hogwarts Legacy was awarded Best Games on Steam Deck, while Starfield walked away with Most Innovative Gameplay and Sifu with Best Game You Suck At.

Last year, during the 2022 Steam Awards, Elden Ring earned Game of the Year and Best Game You Suck At. It’s also worth pointing out that Elden Ring won GameSpot’s 2022 Game of the Year award.

Below is a list of all the winners in their respective category:

The Steam Awards coincide with the upcoming end of the store’s ongoing sale on January 4. For some recommendations, check out our picks for the best games in the Steam Winter sale, and the best Steam Winter deals on Steam Deck games.

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