Do I Need Marriage Counseling? Quiz

Do I Need Marriage Counseling? Quiz

  29 Dec 2023

You and your partner used to be inseparable, sharing laughter, dreams, and countless memories. However, lately, the once-solid foundation of your relationship seems to be crumbling. Perhaps you find yourselves entangled in heated arguments, struggling with a pervasive emotional disconnect, or facing challenges related to intimacy and trust. If this scenario strikes a chord with you, it might be time to reflect on the state of your marriage.

To assist you on this introspective journey, renowned relationship counselor Dhriti Bhavsar has crafted the “Do I need marriage counseling” quiz. With her master’s degree in psychology and years of experience in helping couples navigate the complexities of their relationships, Dhriti understands the nuances of marriage.

Marital counseling is a process that can bring about positive change by helping couples explore and address the root causes of their challenges. Seeking professional help isn’t just for couples on the brink of separation; it’s a proactive and empowering tool for anyone looking to improve their relationship. It can tackle various issues, such as communication breakdowns, trust concerns, intimacy issues, and navigating the aftermath of infidelity. Through personalized strategies and teamwork, couples therapy aims to rekindle the spark, rebuild trust, and establish a more robust foundation for a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

Take this couples therapy quiz, which shouldn’t take up more than 10-15 minutes of your time, and find out whether it could be the key to revitalizing your connection with your partner.

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