Kathy Griffin files for divorce from husband Randy Bick

Kathy Griffin files for divorce from husband Randy Bick

  29 Dec 2023

Comedian Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her second husband, Randy Bick, just days ahead of their fourth wedding anniversary.

The “My Life on the D-List” and “A Hell of a Story” star filed her petition Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and listed their date of separation as Dec. 22, according to court documents obtained Friday by The Times.

Griffin, 63, and Bick, 44, an entertainment marketing executive, have a prenuptial agreement, which she’s asking the court to enforce, the documents said. She’s also asking the court to terminate the court’s ability to award spousal support to either of them. Griffin and Bick do not have any children.

The firebrand comic appeared to address the split Friday on X — tweeting, “Well…s—. This sucks” — minutes after the divorce news broke online. Bick has not yet tweeted about the breakup.

Griffin and Bick had a New Year’s Day wedding at home in 2020 with “Grace & Frankie” star Lily Tomlin officiating. During the ceremony, Tomlin joked that what was “supposed to be a shallow, toot-it-and-boot-it one-night stand” between Griffin and Bick had “grown and flourished to something far more meaningful.”

“They stayed together. Then they couldn’t stay away from one another,” Tomlin quipped in footage Griffin shared online.

The two-time Emmy Award winner reportedly began dating Bick in 2011 after meeting him at a food and wine festival. They briefly split in 2018 but got back together a few months later.

This is Griffin’s second marriage; her first was to actor Matt Moline from 2001 to 2006. That marriage dissolved after she accused Moline of stealing thousands of dollars from her private bank accounts, an ordeal chronicled in the stand-up comic’s subsequent act.

Earlier this year, the lung cancer survivor announced that she had been diagnosed with “an extreme case” of complex PTSD, a condition triggered largely in 2017 when she was blacklisted from Hollywood after posting a photo of herself holding a Halloween mask styled to look like the severed head of then-President Trump. The stunt drew criticism from conservatives and liberals alike.

“The hatred from the right was more intense than I could have thought, but not that surprising. But the left wing being so taken by this campaign against me was hard. It was just too much for me,” Griffin said in a Newsweek interview published in 2022. The brash comic lost friends in the aftermath, including CNN journalist Anderson Cooper and Bravo star Andy Cohen. Then, she said, she got to see other comics do what she thought were similarly offensive things without losing out the way she did.

Griffin ended up working that material into her act too, taking the story on the road with her My Life on the PTSD-List tour.

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