Mr. Pratyush Pandey, Assistant Professor, SSKGDC

Mr. Pratyush Pandey, Assistant Professor, SSKGDC

  17 Dec 2023

An inspiring and insightful interview with Mr. Pratyush Pandey, Assistant Professor of Law, S.S Khanna Girls Degree College (Constituent College of University of Allahabad), Prayagraj.

Tell us something about yourself

Hello! I am Pratyush Pandey. I am an Assistant Professor of Law at SLM Centre of Legal Studies, S.S. Khanna Girls Degree College (Constituent College of University of Allahabad). I did my Master of Laws (L.L.M.) and Integrated L.L.B from Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University and was awarded a Gold Medal for securing highest marks in the L.L.M. Course.

Before joining as an Assistant Professor at SLM Centre of Legal Studies, I assisted PSL Advocates and Solicitors as a Research fellow on the arbitration proceedings held under the aegis of Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

How were your college days?

It was indeed a fabulous journey. I had a great learning experience under the finest and most eminent teachers of the Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University. College has been a constant source of knowledge for me.

I had spent a significant amount of time reading legal texts, case studies, and academic articles to deepen my understanding of legal concepts and brush up my research and interpretation skills. I also collaborated with my friends on projects like Moot Court Competitions, Debate Competitions and writing research papers that enhanced my learning and academic performance. 

Tell us a bit about your experience during law internships and various moot court competitions.

I did several internships in different sectors of the legal field. I interned at an NGO, Chambers of various advocates and law firms which added values and experience to my career profile and provided me the opportunity to observe and participate in various legal proceedings, research, and client interactions, gaining valuable insights into the practical application of legal principles.

Apart from internships, I also participated in many National Moot Court Competitions (IMS Noida, ICFAI Dehradun etc.). I was adjudged as the ‘Best Advocate’ in the Intra Moot Court Competition, organized by the Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University. 

There is a certain (misplaced) fear that Traditional Universities don’t provide good placements. Since you did your graduation from a traditional Central University, was it difficult for you to grab opportunities in the corporate sector?

I feel it’s a myth that a student from a traditional university can’t get an opportunity in the corporate sector. The important thing is, one must be clear in his/her goal while pursuing law. During my college days, I’d always found the corporate world fascinating and thus wanted to pursue my career in it. Being from the first batch of the 5-year integrated course, it was difficult for me to proceed in the right direction for making a career in the corporate sector as we didn’t have seniors who could guide us on this.

Thus, I talked to my teachers, and students from other institutions who guided me in this regard. I started working on my CV from the very first year of my college by participating in National Moot Court competitions, doing internships at different places and writing research papers.

So, it doesn’t matter if a belongs to a traditional University or some NLU. What matters is, one should be very clear in his/her goal and start working on his/her CV from the first year of college.

What motivated you to join Academics?

My desire to explore complex legal questions, conduct research, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge became the driving force and motivation to join academics. I always consider teaching law to be a fulfilling way to share my expertise which helps students to understand complex legal concepts and encourages them to think critically, analyze complex legal issues, and develop strong analytical and argumentation skills. 

Above all, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and motivation, when I teach students and witness their growth, success, and accomplishments. This is indeed priceless!

How is your experience of teaching in SSKGDC?

Engaging with the students of the Law department of SSKGDC in discussions on legal principles, cases, and real-world applications keeps me intellectually stimulated. Students’ questions encourage me to read more and be updated on legal issues and explore topics more thoroughly, expanding my own knowledge base.

Interactions with students from diverse backgrounds offer me new viewpoints and insights that I may not have considered before. Addressing students’ queries and guiding their critical thinking motivates me to analyze and evaluate concepts in new ways. Apart from brushing my learning skills from these discussions with the students, evaluating their assignments and performance helps me to refine my own assessment skills and identify areas for improvement. These are all the best parts of teaching at this college.

What is your area of interest in terms of research?

I have a keen interest in the field of Technology and Intellectual Property Rights. My dissertation was on “Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Issues”. Apart from this, my areas of interest are International Environmental Law, Cyber Law and Competition Law.

What according to you should be the primary focus of law students to achieve career goal?

To achieve career goal in law, the students must focus on the following points:

Set Clear Goals:

Students should define their short-term and long-term career goals and determine the area of law they want to practice, the type of organization they want to work for, and the level of responsibility they aspire to.

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with legal developments and changes in their chosen field through legal publications, seminars, webinars, and workshops.


Build and nurture relationships with colleagues, mentors, professors, classmates, and other legal professionals. Networking can open doors to opportunities and provide valuable insights.

Professional Development:

Seek out opportunities for skill development, such as attending Conferences and Seminars, participating in National Moot Court Competitions, honing their advocacy skills, or learning about new legal technologies.

Stay Adaptable:

The legal field is dynamic, and adapting to changes in laws, regulations, and industry trends is crucial. Be open to exploring new areas of law and adjusting your goals as needed.

These are all the success mantras to achieve the goals in the legal field.

This interview was conducted by Bushra Fatima, 4th Year student of S S KHANNA GIRLS DEGREE COLLEGE ( A constituent college of University of Allahabad), Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

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