Should you move in with your boyfriend? Quiz

Should you move in with your boyfriend? Quiz

  25 Dec 2023

Entering the realm of cohabitation is a major move—no pun intended. It’s a decision that can send your thoughts into a whirlwind, and you might find yourself second-guessing everything. But hey, that’s completely normal! It’s not just about sharing space; it’s about merging lives, routines, and so much more.

Dhriti Bhavsar, a seasoned relationship counselor with a master’s degree in Psychology, understands the weight of these choices.. That’s precisely why she crafted this quiz, designed to help you navigate the “should I move in with my boyfriend” conundrum.

And here’s the thing, moving in together isn’t just about coordinating furniture and closet space. Suddenly, when you have a disagreement, there’s no escape—physically, at least. It’s a big deal because you’re sharing more than just a home; you’re sharing a space where fights, make-ups, and everything in between play out on a daily basis. Plus, breaking up isn’t as simple when you’re both on the same lease. That adds a whole new layer to the mix.

So, whether he’s popped the question about cohabitating, or you’re debating if it’s time to bring it up, take a breather and dive into this quick 11-question quiz. It won’t take up more then 5-10 minutes of time, but it’s bound to shed some light on whether moving in together is the right move for you.

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