The 7 Best AI Writing Tools to Use Today

The 7 Best AI Writing Tools to Use Today

  23 Dec 2023

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or just hate writing, AI writing tools can come in handy. They can not only save you time in writing the first draft but also provide you with a ton of creative ideas. Here, we list the best AI writing tools you should check out right now.

1. Jasper (for Professional Marketers and Bloggers)

Powered by multiple language models (including GPT-4), Jasper is one of the most popular pieces of AI writing software. Whether you need to generate ad copies, blog posts, or social media captions, it has over 50 templates for you.

Designed for professionals in the marketing and content industry, Jasper makes it easy to create content for your entire campaign. Likewise, it has a long-form blog post writer with a focus on SEO. Before you begin writing, you can use the Jasper Chat to help you with the research phase.

To ensure a consistent tone across all your writings, Jasper learns and adopts your brand voice and saves the details about your project in its knowledge base.

Jasper has a great community and a quick support team, and it also provides free training on its website to help people make the most of the tool.

Arguably one of the best AI tools for content creation, Jasper has three paid plans, starting from $49 per month.

2. ClosersCopy (for Search Engine Optimized Content)

ClosersCopy is another awesome AI-powered writing tool with a focus on SEO-optimized writing. It has hundreds of pre-made marketing frameworks and workflows that can help you generate a killer copy.

What makes ClosersCopy a good choice for SEO writing is that it has built-in SEO audit and planner tools. The SEO audit feature compares your draft with top-ranking pages on Google and provides suggestions for improvement. Likewise, the SEO planner helps you create an outline for your blog posts using competitor analysis.

ClosersCopy has three different AI models: one for copywriting, another for articles, and the third for storytelling. Despite dozens of features, it has a clean, simple dashboard and text editor.

The price ranges from $49.99 per month to $99.99 per month. The Power plan (the cheapest one) allows you to generate content 300 times, while the other two plans offer unlimited writing.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive AI writing tool that does the job, try Rytr. Whether you want to write blog posts, song lyrics, marketing copies, captions, scripts, or product descriptions, Rytr has templates for almost everything. Better still, you can use it to generate AI images and talk to its chatbot.

Rytr has an easy-to-use interface and the ability to generate text in 30+ languages. However, creating the first draft takes little time, thanks to the variety of use cases. You can adjust the output and use its editing tools to refine your first draft.

The unlimited plan costs $29 per month, while the Saver account costs $9 per month (100,000 characters). Rytr even has a free plan with 10,000 characters and five images per month. It has a Chrome extension that works seamlessly, letting you write while you browse.

So, if you don’t want to splash out on AI writers, Rytr is perhaps your best bet. Though it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles, it’s a decent, multipurpose tool that you can use for professional and personal writing.

4. Writesonic (for Generating Content in Different Formats)

writesonic screenshot

Powered by GPT, Writesonic is more than just an AI writer. It has image and voice generators, the ability to create custom AI bots, and a chatbot named Chatsonic.

Writesonic has hundreds of different templates that let you create various types of written content—from articles and essays to landing pages and YouTube descriptions.

What makes Writesonic a standout is that it offers a long-form article writer even on a free plan. Just by entering a topic, a reference article, and your preferred tone, you can create a complete article with a single click.

Likewise, Writesonic’s editor splits the screen into two sections, one for generating text and the other for editing and formatting it, making the writing process much easier.

Besides the free plan, Writesonic has three paid plans, starting from $19 per month.

5. (for Brands and Teams)

copyAI screenshot

If you want every copy to reflect your brand’s tone, is a great choice. Using your existing content, it identifies your brand voice. Likewise, there’s an Infobase where you can upload details about your project—the tool then uses the identified tone and knowledge in its writing, adding a personalized touch. has a chatbot-like interface for generating text, which you can then add to the editor and format your content. Moreover, it has built-in workflows designed for SEO, content, and sales teams that enable you to collaborate with your colleagues. has free training and a ton of other resources to educate you about its tool. The free plan gives you 2000 words, while the unlimited Pro plan costs $49 per month.

It also has around a dozen free tools for creating email subject lines, captions, meta descriptions, CTAs, product names, slogans, etc. Best of all, you can use these free tools without signing up.

6. Sudowrite (for Creative Writing and Storytelling)

sudowrite screenshot

If you’re a creative writer looking for a tool to help you in your writing journey, look no further. Powered by GPT-3 and GPT-4, Sudowrite’s Story Engine can help you write a complete novel.

Before the actual writing phase, you can use Sudowrite to brainstorm ideas, develop story characters, and think of plot points. Once you’ve written a couple of sentences, you can ask the tool to continue writing, either on its own or by following your instructions. Better still, the Describe feature uses metaphors and senses to illustrate the scene to your readers.

Once the first draft is ready, Sudowrite can rephrase, expand, or shorten sentences to polish your story. It can even provide feedback on your story, highlighting opportunities for improvement.

Sudowrite has three plans, with the cheapest one costing $19 per month and offering 30,000 words.

7. Smart Copy (for Copywriting)

sart copy writer screenshot

If you want to create manuscripts that reflect your brand image, try out Smart Copy. Part of the Unbounce family, this AI writing assistant can help you create engaging content for landing pages and copies.

It has a gallery of around 50 different templates, including templates for everyday things like email subject lines, thank you notes, and content expander.

The paid plan comes with a long-form editor called the Writer. This looks like a normal text editor, but after writing a few sentences (and setting the preferences), you can ask Smart Copy to continue writing for you. Once the tool has generated the initial draft, you can expand, remix, or add more sentences to your copy.

Other than blogs, landing pages, and product descriptions, Smart Copy can generate core values, taglines, and mission statements for your company. It supports dozens of languages and also has a free Chrome extension.

Smart Copy has a free and paid plan. The free plan provides 10 credits weekly, whereas the Essential plan provides 200 credits for $9 per month.

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